Tamas comes to Los Angeles from Lexington, Kentucky by way of San Francisco. He did his PhD studies with Orion Weiner at UCSF and found that neutrophils actively swell in size to enhance their motility in response to chemoattractants. He’s generally interested in the role that cell-intrinsic biophysical and bioelectrical properties play in controlling cell fate and behavior. In the Rando lab, he will be focusing on the role of these properties in muscle stem cell quiescence exit and re-entry, hopefully with the help of the fanciest microscopes on campus.

He enjoys difficult ways of crafting coffee and difficult ways of getting around outside like mountain biking, bouldering, and backpacking. Nerds out about the minutiae of transportation and housing policy.

Research Areas: Biophysics of muscle stem cell quiescence entry and exit; Bioelectricity; Cell Size Regulation; Microscopy